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Mechanic work

Mechanic work

One of the mandatory stages in the life of every driver is the repair of the vehicle’s chassis, which is carried out in order to eliminate existing malfunctions and maintain the performance of your car! Note that over time, any car, regardless of the year of manufacture, model, make, mileage and other technical features, requires professional and high-quality repairs. Our car service technicians are ready to diagnose your car and eliminate all existing defects.

Today, there are two main types of repair:

Routine repair: this type of mechanic repair is aimed at diagnosing and eliminating minor malfunctions and defects, the main task of specialists at this stage is to maintain the vehicle in proper condition for comfortable and safe traffic.
Overhaul repair: this type of mechanic repair is aimed at complete restoration of the vehicle; full diagnosis is carried out and some parts that have become unusable due to natural wear and tear require replacement.

Our car service offers the following list of services:

  • regular technical inspection;
  • changing oil, filters, pads, spark plugs;
  • adjustment of running and braking systems, as well as suspension;
  • replacement of levers, shock absorbers, power systems, gearboxes;
  • troubleshooting of exhaust, fuel and refrigeration systems;
  • diagnostics of electrical appliances.

IMPORTANT!!! Mechanic work is necessary for each car, in many respects your comfort and safety during road traffic depends on them!

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